Ice cream on stick

In line and rotary machines for industrial production of ice cream on stick.

In line vs. Rotary machines: Which to choose?

In line Ice Cream Machine for Ice Cream on Stick

Why choose an in line machine for ice cream on stick production?

Line machines for the production of ice cream on sticks In Line machines for the production of ice cream on sticks (popsicles, with filling or grains) are among the most common: customizable in all their components (moulds, volumetric filler, stick inserter, dry coater, wrapping machine) suitable for quality production of a wide range of ice […]

Rotary Ice Cream Machines for Ice Cream on Stick

Why choose a rotary machine for ice cream on stick production?

Automatic and operator-friendly ice cream on stick production line. Different production capacities: up to 22,000 pcs. Customizable and integrated with a fully automated packaging system. Operator panel with touch screen. Rotary Machines: how it works Pros of Rotary machine Why choose a rotary machine for ice cream on stick production? Here’s the main advantages:


Volumetric filler

Pneumatically operating, fully synchronized with machine movements. Suitable for dosing ice cream just out from the freezer or water ice mix.



Moulds for ice cream on stick are made with AISI 316L stainless steel top: 2 mm thickness for in line and SMO 254 machines and 3 mm thickness for rotary machines.

Volumetric sucker

Pneumatically operating, the volumetric sucker is fully synchronized with the movement of the machine. It sucks up the water ice mix and sends it back into the feeder hopper.

Pencil filler

The pencil filler is made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel, pneumatically operating, suitable for injecting products such as jelly, chocolate and jam inside the product.

Dry coater

The granulator, a component of ice cream on stick machines, which prevents production cycle interruptions and product waste.

Automatic stick inserter

Fully automatic flat or round ice cream stick inserter, suitable for any industrial ice cream making machine, linear or rotary.

Semi Automatic stick inserter

Pneumatically operating, the semi automatic stick inserter is particularly suitable for 93 mm and 113 mm x 10 x 2 mm flat sticks or magnum-type sticks.

Chocolate kettle

Stainless steel chocolate kettle with a volume of 100 to 200 kilograms.

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