Volumetric filler

Pneumatically operating and fully synchronized with machine movements.

Suitable for dosing of ice cream just out from freezer or water ice mix, it is equipped with a single-thickness or double-chamber insulated or heated hopper, depending on the specific applications. Equipped with an agitator if required.


The structure of the volumetric dispenser is made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

Thanks to the Delrin® rotary valve, this type of filler has the advantage of being adjustable for any volume without changing pistons.

It requires only the pneumatic system for its operation. Dosing adjustment at 0 to 135 cc.

Bottom Up Filler

The bottom up dosing unit is suitable for the production of ice cream on stick with high overrun (up to 100%), low temperature (down to -5° C) depending on the recipe.

Inclusions up to 12 mm can be incorporated (after evaluation).

The bottom up dispenser is very flexible and allows for different configurations and ice creams with multiple flavours: vertically separated, coaxially or solution with rotating nozzles giving a marbled effect.

The bottom up filler is an independent component, connected to a volumetric filler, whose movements are controlled by a brushless motor and can be installed on all ice cream stick machines on the market.

Time-controlled filler

Suitable for a liquid and low viscous solution, through the touch screen we can adjust the opening time of the cylinder that raises the stems and allows the liquid mix to pass by gravity into the moulds.

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