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We have an established professional partnership over the years with three Italian companies, leaders in the fields of ice cream production and packaging.

is one of the best Italian companies producing industrial and semi-industrial ice cream manufacturing plants. It boasts more than 40 years of experience and technological know-how in the field of ice cream production machinery: pasteurization plants, continuous freezers, filling machines and extrusion lines, curing tunnels, and wrapping machines.

LOGO PACKINT - Chocolate Machines Srl

Packint Chocolate Machines Srl has been a reference point since 1992 in the food and packaging sectors and is an established partner of LAIeF.

It is a dynamic company with headquarters in the province of Pavia and a branch in Dear Park (New York), and can boast 100% Made in Italy technological and design know-how.

Cold Car – La Fabbrica del Freddo The company manufactures refrigerated bodyworks and refrigerated vans and has always been in the pursuit of technology, solidity and efficiency.

Qualified customer service world wide

We are organized to provide fast – within 24 hours – assistance remotely or at our customers’ premises.

We provide the necessary spare parts for our machines and can also repair machines of other brands.

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