Anuga FoodTec 2024 – Cologne

11 March 2024

Anuga FoodTec 2024 is the world’s most important trade show in the Food & Beverages sector and offers a holistic overview of the latest innovations and trends in this field.

The 2024 edition is scheduled to take place in Cologne from 19 to 22 March 2024: an event packed with cutting-edge technologies and solutions to ensure the development of your business.

LAIeF will be exhibiting in HALL 41 – BOOTH B-030.

Anuga FoodTec 2024 – Cologne

Anuga FoodTec 2024 is the only international trade fair where experts gather to cover every stage of food and beverage production, showcasing everything from process and packaging technology to food safety, packaging, digitisation, and intralogistics (the term Intralogistics covers all processes within a company that involve the movement of materials, goods and logistics).

In this year’s edition, a new exhibition space is planned that will be entirely dedicated to environmental technology and energy, confirming the sector’s constant commitment to promoting sustainable solutions. The focus here is on Responsibility, underlining the importance of creating a dialogue between the industries involved for the future of the Food & Beverages sector.

Responsibility will be the recurring theme of the entire trade show, and will be echoed in the proposals on display, in the programme of conferences and related events.

Sustainability and innovation

The dynamic nature of the scheduled events is designed precisely to foster the exchange of specialist knowledge both during and after Anuga.

There will be two main stages: Sustainability and innovation. These will be the central themes for a programme packed with events and webinars available also online.

Food supply chain specialists will illustrate, analyse and share ground-breaking technologies, environmental strategies plus a socially accepted method for shaping the future of food production.

The innovation phase is universally recognised as the driving force for the future economy,  with strategic partnerships with start-ups, scientific institutes and companies playing a crucial role. These partnerships foster the creation of innovative approaches and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, helping to shape the future economy in a dynamic and sustainable way.

Planning production with artificial intelligence

On the subject of Optimised production planning with AI, an interesting insight is provided by FoodTracks, an innovative, leading German company in the bakery sector founded by economist and entrepreneur Tobias Pfaff, which is committed to combating food waste. The aim is to reduce costs, increase sales, and save time. With its team, FoodTracks is now supporting the bakery industry using technologies based on artificial intelligence: with a system for planning and automating payment orders, it has succeeded in significantly reducing food waste

In the words of Pfaff, “according to a study launched by WWF in 2019, some 1.7 million tonnes of bakery products are disposed of as waste every year in Germany,  and roughly one third of these products remain unsold. Everything that is not sold in the shops ends up in animal feed, in biogas systems or, in many cases, simply in the rubbish bin. That is why production planning is so important.”

The company’s success has opened new frontiers for expansion into other sectors because it is clear that the concept can easily be applied to any area in the Food & Beverages sector.

Full details on the event can be found on the official Anuga 2024 website.

We at LAIeF will naturally be present at the show with our full team to present our specialised equipment and new applied technologies for the industrial production of ice cream:

·        Linear and rotary machines for the industrial production of ice creams on sticks.

All components can be customised (moulds, dosing unit, stick machine, granulator, packaging line) and are suitable for high-quality ice cream production in large volumes.

Varying production capacities: up to 22,000 pieces.

·        Sandwich machines to produce ice cream sandwiches

This is a wide range offering differing levels of flexibility and capacity: from 3,000 up to 15,000 ice cream sandwiches per hour.

·        Machines for extruded ice cream cakes

The final product is extruded continuously onto plastic trays, which are moved along the production line by a ladder chain.

·        Wrapping machines

Made of stainless steel and designed for the specific needs of an ice cream factory, where humidity and washing with chemical cleaning agents place the materials used under great strain.

Remember where to find usat Anuga FoodTec 2024: HALL 4.1 – BOOTH B-030.

And naturally, we hope to see you there in large numbers.

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