Indian Ice-cream Expo (IICE 2022)

6 October 2022

The Indian Ice-cream ExpoIICE is the most important B2B event in all of South Asia for the ice-cream industry globally.

This year’s 10th edition of IICE, in collaboration with IICMA (Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association) and AIM Events, will take place in Hyderabad (Telangana), southern India, from October 10 to October 12.

A three-day event in which IICE 2022 will host more than 200 exhibitors from around the world and for which attendance is expected to break through the 12,000 visitor mark.


The event includes a considerable range of activities concerning the ice cream industry and related manufacturers. From freezing machines to packaging materials, from the cold chain related sector (cold rooms and deep freezers) to suppliers of equipment and components; large presence of traders and wholesalers, raw material suppliers and cone manufacturers.

There will be no shortage of consulting services for any strategy or need. In fact, a series of seminars is also planned that will cover various topics related to the ice cream industry.

The President of IICMA, Sudhir Shah, in a personal message posted on the event’s official website, called for the event to be viewed as an opportunity for aggregation and alliance among ice cream manufacturers from around the world and related service sectors. So far, IICMA has proven to be a leader for all those who wish to stay on top of new trends and technologies.

We at LAIeF will also be present at IICE 2022 with our partners Teknoice and Packint and local partners Delta and ABC. An event that is now unmissable for us, as we are suppliers of machines for the main and largest Indian ice cream manufacturers such as Unilever, Dinshaw’s, Rollick and many others.

IICE 2022 e LaiEf
IICE 2022 e LAIeF – first day

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