Refurbished ice cream stick machine. Model 6 at 10 wide

Macchina LAIeF Rigenerata Produzione Gelati Con Stecco - Modello 6AT 10Wide

The linear machine has been refurbished in all its components and is capable of producing up to 11,000 stick ice creams per hour.

Types of ice cream: water ice or milk-based ice cream, with or without chocolate coating or praline.

Model 6 at 10 wide

  • Volumetric dosing machine
  • Stick inserter
  • Mould washing system
  • Model 5061 mould set
  • Chocolate dipping tank
  • Teknoice packaging machine

The Mod. 6 at 10 wide in line machine has adequate basic equipment for use in production, but can be supplemented with new components to increase or extend its functions.

Stecchinatrice per macchina rigenerata produzione gelati con stecco - Modello 6AT 10Wide
Refurbished machine splinting machine, ice cream on stick production – Model 6 at 10 wide
Request about refurbished machines for industrial ice cream production

We have a workshop equipped to refurbish in line and rotary machines for industrial ice cream production.

The refurbished machines are thoroughly tested and can resume their industrial “life cycle” for several years.

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